Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hike Club Hawaii

Here is a great blog about hiking and drinking in Hawaii! Fun Stuff!

We managed to almost miss the trailhead and to go the opposite way round the loop from that which we intended, but somehow we tackled the steady uphill climb in the hot sun to reach our goal. The long walk up a paved road to the trailhead isn't all that much fun.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to be a world traveler

Being a world traveler is as easy as putting your foot out the door and stepping into the world of travel. Just do it, you will never regret it!

Anyone can travel the world - we are global citizens.

If you don't believe it, just have a look at travel makes us world citizens and you will see inspiring stories of world travelers and people who overcome government restrictions and other obstacles to live their dreams and travel the world. You don't have to be a vagabond to do it, you can be respectable too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Understanding World Travel Statistics

I've always been fascinated by World Travel Stats

This articles seemed to have some pretty good points about them.

The World's Top Tourism Destinations
(international tourist arrivals)

The following table shows the top ten tourism destinations according to the number and percent of tourist arrivals in each country during 2008.
rank Country Arrivals (millions) Percent
2007/2006 Percent
2007 2008
1. France 81.9 79.3 3.9% –3.2%
2. United States 56.0 58.0 9.8 3.6
3. Spain 58.7 57.3 1.1 –2.3
4. China 54.7 57.3 1.1 –3.1
5. Italy 43.7 42.7 6.3 –2.1
6. United Kingdom 30.9 30.2 0.7 –2.2
7. Ukraine 23.1 25.4 22.1 9.8
8. Turkey 22.2 25.0 17.6 12.3
9. Germany 24.4 24.9 3.6 1.9
10. Mexico 21.4 22.6 0.1 5.9

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vagabonds and World Citizens

World travel allows us to become world citizens. I wish I were doing more world travel.

I feel trapped inside my own mind and totally unwilling to give myself the key to escaping. Nice people surround me, all the time. What I seek is solitude. Amazing that not too long ago I found myself going crazy from lonliness. And yet, I remember that the lonliness didn’t exactly include solitude. I could still hear the neighbors and so I knew they could still hear me. I saw and heard the people walking down the street with the same effect. So, I suppose it is the same neurosis that is causing my anxiety today.

Today, I felt like I needed to go outside. I needed physical activity but I didn’t want to interact with anyone. I just wanted to get lost in gardening without feeling like I was being observed, without having to answer inane questions, and without pretending that I gave a flying fuck about what anyone said, did, felt, or wanted to otherwise share with me.

I looked outside and saw the beginnings of my nicely manicured yard area. I decided to spend half of all the money I possess and buy some nice plants. I went to the Koolau Garden Center and bought herbs and flowers. I drove directly home, excited to actually be able to dig, plant, weed, and enjoy the space that exists within five feet of my house.

Imagine the angst and dismay I felt to come back and find Friday, the landlady, and her white trash friend lounging in and around their little white trash inflatable swimming pool. Right where I would have to listen, see, interact, and be watched by them. And their stinky fucking dogs looking at my attempt at a little slice of paradise as a place to lay a big fat fucking dog turd.

Needless to say, I am less than thrilled and probably it is fair to say that I am totally incensed and so incredibly unhappy at this big typhoon that has swept down on my great plan to enjoy a beautiful day without having to deal with these stupid old fucking bitches.

Now, if only I could lead the life of a true vagabond.